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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Wingdings and Things

A couple of nights ago we looked at how you could export your chart so that you could share it with other people. By printing the chart to a pdf file you are in a position to start to format it nicely. However, to share all the pattern information, you need to give your users a key. If you look under File on the top Tool Bar you will find options to Print Key and Print Thread Card. I suggest you try them out and see what is produced. It maybe that they are sufficient to your needs in which case you can go back to your designing now and not waste your time reading the rest of this post. If, however, you are a bit Hmmmm about these printouts, you may want to go it alone and print out your own custom designed key. How do you do this? Well, you can set up a Word document for your key which will do a good job for you - or you can use publishing software if you have it. The only difficulty is, how do you replicate all those symbols? It is possible to recreate some of the most legible of them by using Wingdings2 for the main part. If you choose to format your output charts by yourself in the future, then print out a set of Wingdings and choose your pattern symbols to match. What do you call someone who is fluent in Wingding?

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