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in addition to reducing our carbon foot print by 30%. This is how we thought of INFINITY CHARTS. These are charts in PDF format and EDITABLE format for you to download with no postage or guilty air miles. Even better, you can download charts ready to recompose, recolour and change initials (or whatever your heart designs!) in Jane Greenoff's PC Cross Stitch Designer or MacStitch Charting Software. You become the Designer. Infinity Library Motifs are Copyright Free. If you don't have Jane Greenoff's Cross Stitch Designer Software you can buy it now. It comes bundled with editable versions of the Beatrix Potter and Mary Wigham Quaker charts for $20, $14, £10, 2000 Yen.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Infinity Charting Master Classes start here

I thought it might be useful to have a separate blog where we can exchange tips and ideas on how to get the best from your Needleprint Infinity Charts and software - then it will be easier to track back when we need to reference postings. The starter kit, as some of you already know, includes the software to read Needleprint Infinity charts in such a way that they can be edited, recoloured, printed out, extracted from, combined with other motifs or combined with your own work. Because I wanted you to have something immediately to work on, we bundled the charting software with an Infinity chart we had to hand and one which you are very familiar with - The Beatrix Potter Sampler - an old friend to make you feel at home. We are just beginning to release Inifinity charts, but there will be many more to come - and not just single charts, but libraries of motifs also - like the Quaker Motif Set which gives you in editable format the complete repertoire of Ackworth motifs ready for you to edit and use as the basis to create an Infinite number of designs for sampler and small projects for yourself. So, now you have had a little time to familiarize yourself with the kit, you might have problems you would like resolved, questions answered, ideas to share, projects for us to admire. Where would you like to start?


  1. jacqueline, thank you so much for setting up this blog and for all the other work you do! your generosity amazes me and i'm so excited to see all of the things this infinity blog brings! thank you!

  2. OOOHHH- the quaker motif set sounds wonderful!

    I haven't had time to play with the software yet, but am looking forward to learning a lot here.

    This is a WONDERFUL project!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Have started to copy motifs in the User file but saw that I made a mistake in a motif, when I highligted this motif in the User file and deleted it, the whole lot (20 motifs) dissapeared.
    Just a tip, if you would like to replace a motif in the User file just copy it again and replace it with the same name.

    A fantastic way of making your sampler personal.

  5. This is great fun, thank you so much!
    I have a question about moving motifs around. I find when I'm copying any motif that's close to other, escpecially the border half motifs, I'm copying half of the motifs either side as well. Should I paste it into a blank area to 'tidy' it by rubbing out the unwanted bits then re-copy and paste where I want, or is there a better way?

  6. Jacqueline,

    Thank you, this is fantastic!



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