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in addition to reducing our carbon foot print by 30%. This is how we thought of INFINITY CHARTS. These are charts in PDF format and EDITABLE format for you to download with no postage or guilty air miles. Even better, you can download charts ready to recompose, recolour and change initials (or whatever your heart designs!) in Jane Greenoff's PC Cross Stitch Designer or MacStitch Charting Software. You become the Designer. Infinity Library Motifs are Copyright Free. If you don't have Jane Greenoff's Cross Stitch Designer Software you can buy it now. It comes bundled with editable versions of the Beatrix Potter and Mary Wigham Quaker charts for $20, $14, £10, 2000 Yen.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Matching the colour palette to your stash

We all have thread stash which begs to be used, but the patterns we buy never seem to demand it. Well, using Infinity charts we can pick our favourite threads from our stash, match to any nearest colour sample on the Cross Stitch Designer colour palette, and change the name of that colour to the name and shade of our own thread. Here is how we do it:

When you double click on any colour on the palette you will be presented with a number of thread brands such as DMC or Anchor. You can use these, but you may want to specify your own thread brands. So, let's just choose a brand at randon, DMC.

Click on it to open up all the colour options, and now find a colour which approximates to the thread in our own stash. OK you may have hand-dyed thread, that is tricky, but find something as close as possible.

When you have made your choice, double click, and the colour on your palette will change, along with any stitches on the chart that used the old colour.

Now right click on the colour you have chosen and you will be given the option to rename it.

Choose that option and a little tab pops up so you can enter your thread name and shade. Now when you come to print out the thread information for stitching your chart, you will have a list of your threads and the amounts you require of each. So, tomorrow, we will look at how you produce that list. And it won't be a jaw-dropping, behind-the-sofa-smuggling, expensive shopping list, it will be a stash list for what you already have! Oh Joy!

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