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Monday, 20 September 2010

How Would Beatrix Look in Lace

Changing the colour of threads and linens on charts is a bold move and not for the anxious wondering what will be done with all that thread and fabric, not to mention a bruised ego, if it doesn't quite work...nnnnnn. This is where Infinity charting can really help you. Without spending a penny - I'll rephrase that - without any outlay at all, you can try out various colour combinations and mull them over. Every time you change a colour on your chart, save it with a visual clue name like: BP red; BP multi indigo.. here I go again teaching you to suck eggs. We have recently seen some white lace versions of Mary Wigham. Well, how would Beatrix look in lace? Shall we see? The first obvious thing is that if you change the red to white on Beatrix, how on earth do you see it? Well, would you stitch white thread on white linen? Probably not, so we don't have to graph our white stitches on a white background, we can change the background to any shade present on any of the thread palettes. Let's do it now.

See the B in the first palette colour - that is for Background. Double click on it and hunt around for a background shade that matches some dark linen you already have, or some that you LNS can get for you.

As soon as you make your choice the background will change. Now all you have to do is change the red we used for thread shade on the palette to white or ecru.
Mmmmm - what do you think? Do you want to change the white infills left from the original to your shade of ecru now? Do you want to pick a different shade for the linen? Off you go - you are the designer now.

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