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in addition to reducing our carbon foot print by 30%. This is how we thought of INFINITY CHARTS. These are charts in PDF format and EDITABLE format for you to download with no postage or guilty air miles. Even better, you can download charts ready to recompose, recolour and change initials (or whatever your heart designs!) in Jane Greenoff's PC Cross Stitch Designer or MacStitch Charting Software. You become the Designer. Infinity Library Motifs are Copyright Free. If you don't have Jane Greenoff's Cross Stitch Designer Software you can buy it now. It comes bundled with editable versions of the Beatrix Potter and Mary Wigham Quaker charts for $20, $14, £10, 2000 Yen.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Printing Greetings Cards and Tags from your Needleprint Infinity Files

Is it just me, or do I detect a nip in the air and a feeling I should be thinking ahead more that I have been doing lately? When I was going through my ideas file and came across the Altpursa Chocolate cross stitch album cards, I thought what lovely gift tags and cards they would make for friends. And if time runs out for stitching them ourselves, well, it is always lovely to send a chart to a friend so they can stitch in the holiday after Christmas, isn't it? I know I love having them sent to me.

The new Needleprint Infinity Chart is rather more than a chart. There are four pdf files for you to download as well as an editable JGG file. Two of the four pdfs are facsimiles of the original Altpursa album charts themselves and are in high resolution format so you can print them onto card, cut them out and make your own album. One of these facsimile sets has the Alpursa name removed, providing you with a blank canvas to write your own words then you can print these out and use them as gift tags or fix them to a nice home-made card. The other two pdfs are replica charts we have made and you can use them for stitching the patterns, gift tags or embellishments to greetings cards. Plus, if you have the Infinity software there are infinitely more options for you. You can copy a design from the file, pop it in another work file and customise it. I can hear you saying, 'Nice colours, Jacqueline, but not what I would have chosen, personally.' And you will never have to put up with my colour palette again, simply personlize the perfect palette for you.

Remember you can change background colour. Use back stitch to doodle a little message in the cartouche - you can use a formal alphabet, or just curl something ditsy to amuse you and your friends.

When you have a design the way you like it, copy and paste it until you have six or eight on a page. To see how they will look on a printed page, choose Print Chart from the File Menu and then, when you have the dialogue box, keep checking Preview until you have the layout that works best.
Change the grid to display just thin lines which looks so much prettier for a card or tag.
To create an outer border around the set of cards, use the lasso to provide a frame for your printed work, whatever is in the lasso will be printed.

When you think you have it right, choose the print to pdf option so you can really see how it is going to look. This is how my attempt will look on a printed page. It is not bad at all, but I think I can do a better layout than that, so I might just go back and tweak it a little more. I hope that gives you an idea of the infinite enjoyment that lays in store for you. This is just a quick tour tonight, but I'll go through the stages in more detail this week to show how you can make some really special and unique cards. Mmm, maybe I shall have a little sherry to get in the mood. What do you think? Will you join me?

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